What Does Made in USA Mean

At Love of Country Clothing, we like quality, style, and craftsmanship, and we’re certain you do too. There are a number of aspects that speak in favor of manufacturing products in the USA, namely ethics, employee safety, protection of the environment, quality, and investment into the American economy. 
Ethics:  At Love of Country, we believe it is absolutely necessary to produce all of our products under humane conditions, and by far and away manufacturing in the USA ensures that certain standards are maintained. People earn minimum wages and are not blatantly exploited and they are entitled to work in a safe environment.
Environmental Protection – Carbon Footprint: Another aspect of  manufacturing products in the USA is the protection of the environment, especially the carbon footprint. If USA manufacturing would use raw materials from the US, there would be less importing and shipping of goods from other parts of the world, and the carbon footprint would be lower.
Quality: Quality is always an extremely important factor to us. Before you ask for the price and judge, look at the quality of all of our garments. Without understanding the premium quality of our garments there is no price low enough that would justify buying Love of Country products. Our garments are made of premium fabrics that are dyed, loomed and sewn by skilled American seamstress’ and craftsman.
Price: Made in the USA does it in fact cost more to produce domestically. After nearly two years of research and development, we found our manufacturer. Love of Country is direct with a premium USA manufacturer that takes pride in their premium made garments. We are always looking to expand our product line thus constantly in R&D searching for premium USA made garments and accessories.
Investing in the Domestic Economy: Part of the benefit we derive from shopping locally is the knowledge that our money is going back into the economy we participate in. Money involved in operating our company exclusively in America circulates between American consumers, suppliers, and the business itself, producing a maximum domestic benefit. Buy USA made and support the American economy.